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Meet the Teams

PDW team picture (everyone is displaying peace symbols using fingers)



Women's team

Unsinkable Warriors team picture



Cancer survivors'team

Dragon boats racing in Salem Oregon

Get to Know Us

Dragon boating represents two minutes of flawless synchrony in form, concentration, and physical harmony, with 22 individuals propelling a 44-foot-long boat. Regardless of the conditions, they dedicate countless hours to practice at unconventional times, displaying unwavering drive and determination. It is one of the world's fastest-growing and most beloved team sports, boasting a staggering 2500 teams and 75000 members globally. And here in Salem, we've been touched by the dragon's spirit.

Meet the devoted individuals who make up the teams of Peace Dragon Warriors Paddling Club, Salem's original dragon boat racing team.

Our Coaches and Board Members

These amazing and dedicated individuals lead, support and inspire a team of fearlessly determined paddlers who are devoted to showing up for each other.


Dedication. Spirt. Passion.

The collective power of a team depends on the contribution of every member, while a team itself derives its ultimate strength from the individual members.

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